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Mont Fort School - Withdrawals

1. Before withdrawal of a student from the school a month’s notice in writing must be given by the parents, else a month’s tuition fee in lieu of such notice will be charged.
2. The transfer certificate will be issued within a week from the date of application and within a month if a counter signature is needed.
3. `100/- will be charged as transfer certificate fee. No transfer certificate is issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full.
4. Fees are due as long as pupil’s name is on the roll.

Tests, Examination & Promotion:

In addition to the two terminals, there will be half yearly examination and a final examination to register the progress of students. The marks obtained in all the examinations counts towards the aggregate, which at the end of the year will determine the promotion to the higher class.
1. No child will absent himself/herself from the classes to examinations unless he/she is sick or with prior permission.
2. A student who misses the examination will considered absent & will not appear on a later date. Parents are requested not to send their children to school when they are ill. Unauthorized absence before examinations and tests may be penalized by loss of marks.
3. A minimum attendance of 75% will be required for promotion.
4. A student failing twice in a class will have to discontinue from the school.
5. All fees concession of students who fails in any class is automatically cancelled at the end of the year.

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