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Mont Fort School - Parents & School

The parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authority by:

1. Urging their wards to be regular and punctual in attendance and to d the home tasks assigned to them.
2. Following up the reports which keep them informed of the diligence in studies and the behavior of their wards.
3. Not absenting their child from class for attending a mere social function.
4. Once the students come to school they should not be taken away before the school session ends.
5. Discouraging Private tuition. In rare cases where a child requires such help the parents may only employ a teacher other than those of the Montfort School.
6. Not criticizing a teacher in front of a child which is injurious to the child as it diminishes his/her respect for the teacher. Any genuine complaint could be communicated in writing to the Principal.
7. When students are not well, they should not be sent to school just to attend a test.
8. Student’s handbook should be countersigned as and when required by the Principal/Teacher.


1. Admission fee are collected once at the time of admission to School. (New admission)
2. Activities, Annual Day, Examination, Insurance & Contingency and magazine fee will be collected at the readmission, once a year.
3. Caution money will be collected once from the students of class VI to X other fees are charged for all the months of the years.
4. An additional amount is charged as Bus fee from those who avail the bus. It may be revised even during the academic year.
5. All must be paid by the 15th calendar day of each month or on the following day if 15th is holiday. A fine of `10/- will be charged for late payment. If the fees are not paid till the end of the month `10/- will be charged as fine. For every successive months, the defaulters are to pay `10/- as fine. If the fees are not paid for 3 months the names of such defaulters will be removed from the rolls and a sum of `50/- will be charged before they are readmitted. All the dues are to be cleared before the annual examination begins.
6. Fees can be paid quarterly or half yearly in advance. All fees may be revised from time to time.
7. The school fees may be revised every year as the school authorities find it necessary. To meet the increase in salary and increase in the prices of things and increase from 15% to 20% in tuition fees and others could be expected every year. The school fees cover 12 months.

Principal’s office hours:

Parents are requested to meet the principal only during his office hours 11:00AM to 1:30PM on all working days. All other interviews will be done by previous appointment only. All school matters should be discussed only during office hours on working days. If he is in class you have to wait in the parlor till the end of the period.



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